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Stand out in your market & win the battle for local search. Google Business Profile Optimisation ensures you have taken care of your own back yard.

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Google Business Profile is a tool provided by Google to allow business owners to list their business online for free. These listings results are referred to as Google Maps. These are the results you will see for location based searches that typically appear at the top of the organic search results.  Unfortunately, getting listed is only the start of the process, having your business appear for search terms is where search engine optimisation begins.


Google Maps provides tailored results for users examining location of the search user to then provide business listings, location, reviews and directions. Our team will ensure that your listing and website is optimised to maximise your organic visibility, rankings and local SEO performance.

Whether you are looking to validate your online presence, build brand awareness or attract leads, enquires and sales, Google My Business is one of the most cost effective options to do so.


Local Conversion Rates Are Ridiculous

Google Business Profile is one of the most important optimisation tools that will help your business to appear and rank higher on Google Search and Google Maps.

In our technical research, we will identify all the issues we find for your website on your listing and supporting social channels to see what’s correct and what is missing. The more optimised your Google Business Profile listing is, the more new clients you will get. This is the easiest way to get more calls or more clients at your location.

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Key GBP Factors Geared To Improved Performance

The elements below are key GBP Factors in which we review during our initial GBP Optimisation report.  These elements are your shop window, what your prospect see’s prior to making the decision to look at your website, social channels or picking up the phone.


Have you claimed your business listing? If you don’t claim your GBP listing, somebody else might (or might have already).

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It is crucial that your contact details are accurate and upto date. This even takes into consideration old addresses, telephone numbers etc.


There are 6 important factors to your GBP success. Business Category, Business Status, GBP Photos, GBP Posts, Reviews and Ratings.


Even in 2021 some websites are not responsive. A mobile friendly website opens your customer base up to anyone performing a mobile search.


Social media is important because it allows you to reach people locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally. You need to join the party.


We've briefly touched upon reviews as a key factor. We are happy to work with you to help you develop your review programme.


Tracking & Technical Elements To Better Understand Your Customer

Whilst the previous elements are the ‘shop window’ in this section of our review we look under the bonnet for optimisation opportunities.  We identify areas that can be improved from a technical perspective but also look at how we can help you learn more about your customers, their journey through your website and their buying intentions.

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This collects data that helps us track conversions from Facebook ads and allows us optimise and identify target audiences for future ads.

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This pixel allows us to track Google Adwords campaigns, measure its success and/or weaknesses and allow us to better target your ads to your target audience.

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It is Google's free web analytics service that allows you to analyse in-depth detail about the visitors on your website, take action and shape your campaigns.

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Becoming more useful by the day, this tool gives you at a glance data about all important SEO aspects of your website.

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Advanced SEO stuff here! It helps search engine crawlers to provide rich information to the users even before they visit the website.


Call to actions are crucial to engagement with prospects who visit your website or social profiles. We make sure your properties are strong in this area.


This is to ensure you are a safe website to your visitors, also enhances both your credibility and trust, this is a must have in 2021.

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We are talking about Local SEO, the high street and yes Yelp is still one of the most trusted and authoritative directories on the web.

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We are a WordPress house and therefore have factored a scoring element as part of our reports. We can work on ALL CMS systems but WordPress and plug-ins often help in SEO circles.

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  • GBP Factors – Listing Claims, Contact Details, Google Ranking Factors, Responsive Website Development Advice (and Quote if Required), Social Media Presence Creation
  • Tracking & Technical Elements – Facebook Pixel, Google Ads Pixel, Google Analytics Pixel, Google Webmaster/Console, Markup/Schema, Call-To-Actions, Yelp Creation, and SSL Certificate Configuration
When buying this product, please select any scheduling block, this is simply to document our response times to your purchase. Upon receipt of payment we will contact you to schedule the technical work as agreed.


Local SEO Opens The Door To New Website Traffic

If your business does not have a local SEO strategy in 2021, you are missing out on highly lucrative traffic. There are no two ways about it, Local SEO is the most powerful and most effective way to quickly (and dramatically) increase the quantity and quality of leads that your business receives through organic search.

Our Local SEO services do precisely what the yellow pages did for businesses in the late 90s and early 00s – they help consumers connect with local businesses.  When consumers are looking to make a quick purchase or employ the assistance of a local business – they use geo-targeting in their search enquiries. Local SEO connects smart businesses with buy-ready customers.


A Local SEO strategy allows your business to target lucrative search terms such as ‘international event agency London’ for example, or ‘accounting services London’ are going to drive leads, enquiries and revenue.


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Target Local Customers