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How can I tell when an agency's campaigns meet with Google guidelines?

If you are looking to find a new SEO partner it is important that they are not all about SALES BLUSTER but have substance. If they cannot or will not share their process with you – you may wish to put them on the backburner.
At On Point Digital we are transparent about how our campaigns are structured. We will be happy to share with you our processes – namely, our Eco System. This is even more important as we are marketing to smaller businesses with smaller budgets.

What is the importance of a technical SEO audit?

Whether it’s a website audit, a link analysis or competitor analysis it is crucial in this day and age to give your website and backlinks regular health-checks.
ALL of our prospects go through the auditing process so we can understand the current status of their website, rankings, backlink health etc. If you are looking to find a new SEO partner and they haven’t provided you with a series of auditing report – give us a call.

Do you send reports?

We give our customers access to a 24×7 LIVE reporting platform which tracks campaign performance, traffic to your site, social media activity and even Google Adwords campaigns. We DO NOT send spreadsheets and WE DO NOT send pointless link building reports! This is sub-continent SEO and NOT something you expect of a reputable agency.

I keep receiving emails offering me SEO campaigns with 5,10 and 15 keywords. Are these any good?

Not really no! Google have stated that ALL SEO techniques must be seen to be ‘Natural’. Think about this, if you are milking the same 6, 10 or 15 keywords month-on-month, would this seem natural to you?  Likewise, fixed volume campaign strategies are obsolete, again these will be deemed to be unnatural and could risk penalties to your rankings. What’s more, the selected keywords may have little commercial value to you and of course people search in many different ways therefore you risk losing visitor traffic by being restricted by fixed keyword packages.

I would like to test you for 1 or 2 months, can we do this?

In normal circumstances the answer to this question would be an emphatic NO! Organic SEO is a mid-to-long term online marketing strategy NOT a short-term plan. We have over 1.75 million webmasters whom we have relationships with but it can take between 2-8 weeks for links to be approved.
However, based on our campaign performance and confidence in our approach, we offer a SITE LAUNCH campaign for 3 months which will help us, help you launch your website and get it off the ground. The big win here is that you will understand how we work which will build your confidence in us to expand on the campaign as we move forward.

I keep hearing about content. My website pages are full of content. Am I missing something?

The content on your website is usually classed as ‘business content’. Content marketing is usually classed as ‘consumable content’ which is usually displayed within your blog or news section and is distributed via your social media channels.
Over the past 3-5 years Google have placed a huge emphasis on content marketing. All campaigns should now come with content marketing as part of the offering. If not, and you are not publishing content yourself, you risk potential penalties

I want to out-perform my competitors - how do I beat them?

This is a familiar FAQ and there are several factors involved here. Domain age, the quality of their SEO campaign, the length of their SEO campaign compared to yours, the technical SEO factors, the amount of investment in their campaigns and the quality of the links to their website.
Our competitor analysis effectively allows us to spy on your competitors and this allows us to develop a blueprint for success to help you get back in the race against your competition.


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