Mortgage Miles Homepage

Website & CRM Development

This project consisted of website design, development, social media profile creation and CRM system development prior to the launch of an SEO campaign.

Client: Mortgage Miles
Project Date: April 2016 - December 2017


Like many companies Mortgage Miles placed their web development and CRM project in the hands of experts. Sadly, the ‘experts’ never got the project off the ground. We stepped in and within days they were live and reaching people across the world. After months of getting nowhere with their ‘experts’ our brief was to design and develop a website and promote it across the UK and across the world.


Working with a very tight budget our head designer came up with the theme and cosmetics for this website. We wanted this loyalty card website to look a little different from the ‘big boys’ and we hit the ball out of the park. A slick design and a well developed website was launched along with a Loyalty CRM system, integrated SEO campaign and a PR piece for the Dow Jones publications, both print and digital .

Website Design

Design Concepts

Here are two of six design concepts that we created for the Dow Jones PR project.  Bright, Vibrant and rich in content.

Mortgage Miles Concept 1
Mortgage Miles Concept 2

Delivering Results

Immediate influx of subscribers from both organic traffic and social media channels. Furthermore our Online PR enabled us to generate over 21,000 impressions in 3-4 days, 531 page reads inside 7 days but most importantly the piece was carried by over 600 news outlets across the globe including BBC TV South, BBC Asian Network, Sunday Independent, This is London, Time Out Magazine and many more.

The biggest success of course was the acquisition of this business in early 2018.  One hell of a result!


From The Clients

Dean, Richard and the team built such a strong relationship with our organisation that we considered them an extension of our I.T. department. We knew that service is just a phone call or e-mail away and that we will receive the same level of they always makes us feel like we’re their #1 customer. We firmly believe that DKM were partly responsible for helping us achieve our acquisition (let's just say it tastes golden) and we are forever thankful.Jo Das