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Website work, SEO campaign and identify a major problem with social media “buys”.

Client: KH Homes
Project Date: September 2017 - 18


The challenges that lay ahead with this project was to generate Google rankings and online visibility but also to undertake some website work to get the properties on the website.  Properties were on sites such as Air B’nB but two previous website designs (from  previous contractors) had failed to get the site off the ground.  There was a communication challenge here too which we tried to overcome, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.


The 2 previous website build fails were the initial issues. We worked closely with their new contractors to design a property layout page that allowed us to showcase their products on their site.  We then got the campaign off the ground with local and national SEO and social media postings.  Communications-wise we were able to simply the ‘funnel’ but this as it sometimes does disappears over time.


General Rankings & Dashboard Stats

The results below show our campaign performance in Google rankings, Google mobile rankings, Bing rankings and our Facebook statistics.

KH Homes Rankings
KH Homes Google Mobile
KH Homes Campaign Dashboard

Delivering Results

The first report shows an overview of the campaign with most pointers showing growth across ALL Google channels.  We were also informed that we had received some enquiries from the website for properties too.  In general, the results were highly positive for Google properties which included Mobile as this was a point of interest for the client

  • 50 keywords ranking on Google rankings
  • 8 keywords broke through to page 1
  • 41 keywords ranking on Google mobile
  • Overall campaign visibility improved by 1877 positions
  • Enquiries from website justifying the property development work

A view from the outside

As we have been at pains to mention across our website, it is important that communication works and we are a collaborative partnership.  When bi-monthly calls began to fade away we were unable to get answers to key issues.


  • Why are web pages being added without consultation and technical structuring?
  • Who is making these bad media buys (1000 Facebook likes etc) which are receiving 1 second “IN and EXITS” from the site?
  • Let’s document our website enquiries/conversions in order to demonstrate the ROI on our joint efforts.


Communication and Collaboration are key.  We saw issues arise and unfortunately we couldn’t get answers to help us resolve these issues.  These issues and moving to another agency has seen sadly, a decline in performance over the past to our disappointment.

KH Homes Since Campaign Ended