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SEO Campaign

This project was involved a fully integrated SEO & Social Media campaign.  The client was brand new to a highly competitive marketplace.

Catering Equipment Direct UK
Project Date: October 2017-19


There were two major challenges we had to consider with this particular project.  Firstly, we had to introduce a brand new website onto the market and the marketplace in question is highly competitive.  Our competition was huge, not only were we competing with our own vendor partners, we were dealing with aggregation websites plus competition from specialists in the dishwasher, ovens, refrigeration fields and much more.


In order to compete in this marketplace we had to  design an agressive SEO and Social Media marketing campaign supported by a Google Adwords Express Pay Per Click campaign.  Based in Wolverhampton, we had access to large audience in the West Midlands so a strong Local SEO campaign helped us achieve some instant results.  Supporting the SEO work, we saw a great level of engagement from our PPC campaigns which helped in terms of lead generation within days of the campaign launch.


General Rankings & Dashboard Stats

The results below show our campaign performance in Google rankings, Google mobile rankings, Bing rankings and our Facebook statistics.


Delivering Results

The the first report shows our Google rankings. The second reports shows are Google mobile rankings and the dashboard reports shows an overview of our rankings and social media success to date.  As of today we are ranking for 58 keywords on google page 1 supported by 42 keywords continuing to improve on page 2.  17 keywords are Google position 1 but what is more impressive is that we are outperforming vendors for their own products.

  • Number 1 rankings in Google, Google Mobile & Bing
  • Strong top 10 rankings
  • 80+ keywords ranking in top 20 rankings
  • Over 100 social media following (organic NOT PAID)
  • Local post reach of over 1100 contacts per month

From The Clients

We were given excellent support from the outset and told quite clearly how much money we would need to spend per month to launch our site. We know the market is highly competitive and were told we simply couldn't run a £250 per month campaign as it would be a waste of time and money. What we found though was that even though our budget was a fair chunk of change we saw results in rankings, traffic and people were finding us using Maps and even Google business. We also found that our social media following (well we were told) was Organic, they hadn't run campaigns where people not associated with our key industry targets were following us. Results have come in from everything we have put together. Excellent SEO rankings, good Facebook reach and engagement and our PPC results have been very strong. We love that the CPC has reduced by about 65% for each campaign so that helps us with budgets.Richard Gorman