Design Homes

Design Homes

One of the most simple and straightforward briefs to date. Google rankings were stagnant, traffic was dipping week-by-week and local SEO was required.

Date: March 2015-19
Category: SEO Campaign


Our challenge was to add some vigour into the online presence for this website. An increase in rankings and traffic is the aim here. Local optimisation was required also.


We undertook a complete competitor analysis to understand how bespoke home and construction companies were performing in the State. We identified a number of commercially valuable keywords that were not ranking and added them to the mix. Stronger technical SEO was added to the website which created a closer marriage between “the search term”, “the landing page URL” and “technical descriptions and METAs”. Our campaign contained a much more all-round strategy which gives extra strength to the online visibility of the site.



Design Homes Co Ranking Report

Delivering Results

We are now ranking 23 keywords of which 21 keywords are ranked on Google page 1.  14 of these keywords are Google position 1 in the key locale required for the business.  We are pleased that the new site “Bridal Creek Range” is now P2 from outside the top 100.  In general, these keywords have improved 350 positions since we began the campaign some 3/4 years ago improving their overall visibility.


From The Clients

I have found On Point Digital to be a very open company, Happy to share component pricing and break down costs, services etc. They have also been very clear on their deliverables. We have found this approach to be very refreshing in an industry where price and value are very difficult to measure. It's only a smaller local SEO campaign but we are happy with our results.Louisa Hatton