The Need For Technical SEO


On a daily basis we receive a number of enquiries in regards to SEO campaigns. However, whilst this is wonderful for our business we are often left confused about the intentions of the website owner. It surprises us today, in 2019, with all of the information sources available to people, that website owners are still prepared to risk the health of their website, and therefore business by ignoring Google guidelines and hiring people who are looking to make a quick buck as opposed to serving the needs of their customers.

Is Your Website "Search Engine Friendly?"

As I have made reference to the health of your website, we will look through each element of our campaign so you can fully understand what is involved in our campaigns. This article also contains information on the crucial technical services that allow us all to gain an understanding of how technically sound and search engine friendly your website really is.

Some FAQs We Get Asked About Website Analysis

As we are happy to offer free website analysis for new prospects we are often asked questions about this work.  Below we wanted to list a few FAQs for you to take a look at.

1. How can I tell whether an SEO Agency provide campaigns that meet with Google guidelines?

At On Point Digital we are transparent about how our campaigns are structured. If you are looking to find a new SEO partner and they cannot share their process with you – you may wish to put them on the backburner. Take a look at our Eco System to learn more.

2. What is the importance of a technical SEO audit and what technical analysis should I consider?

Whether it’s a website audit, a link analysis or competitor analysis it is crucial in this day and age to give your website and backlinks regular health-checks. When we receive new leads ALL of our prospects go through the auditing process so we can understand the current status of their website, rankings, backlink health etc. . If you are looking to find a new SEO partner and they haven’t provided you with a series of auditing report – give us a call.

3. Why is there the need to have a frequent website audit report?

Well the answer to this is simple, it helps us understand how structurally sound and search engine friendly your website is. We always like to think of this scenario. You have just spent thousands of pounds on a BMW but when you take of the lid and see a mini metro engine, you know your BMW will not function to its full potential. Put simply, your website may look wonderful through the visitors eyes but your website developer may not have structured the site with SEO in mind. Thewebsite audit report helps us understand what issues (if any) need addressing.

4. I want to out-perform my competition because I see they out-rank me for lots of the keywords I think I should rank for. How do I beat them?

This is a frequently asked question and there are several factors involved here. Domain age, the quality of their SEO campaign, the length of their SEO campaign compared to yours, the technical SEO factors, the amount of investment in their campaigns and the quality of the links to their website. Our competitive analysis programme allows us to take a look at how your competitors are achieving good performance, what is working and what is not. Effectively we can help you spy on your competitors and this allows us to develop a blueprint for success to help you get back in the race against your competition.


Some Final Thoughts

Just some thoughts to consider when thinking about the health of your website. You may have built a website, it maybe being maintained but is the site still search engine friendly?