Blogs, Content & The Message

A decade or so ago, following the Year 2000 bang the internet exploded in a big way. Social Networking sites, Blog Journal sites began to appear pretty much on a weekly basis. Would any of these sites make an impact? What impact would blogs and social networking sites have in the overall scheme of things in the news and communication spectrum? Remember, back then the main method of communication and breaking news was radio, TV and of course print publications.

If you couldn’t get your message out using this media formats, your message would die quickly and most of all quietly. Looking back to April 2015, on the heels of the UK Election Leaders Debate it is fair to say that online and social networking communications has replaced the traditional 9 o’clock news and News at 10.

Copywriting: What’s branding got to do with it?

Here are some very key points to help you on the long journey of producing newsworthy content. Surprisingly, these points are very basic, yet are sometimes ignored.

The Almighty Power Of The Internet

The internet has given people a voice that can be heard all over the world. There are so many channels, forums, feeds that allow us to get our message out to the masses. The one thing we have learned, we have an awful lot of news to broadcast. Of course, it is fair to say that a large portion of this news is simply “white noise” and we quickly skip over a large majority of this ‘news’.

The big challenge for every person, news outlet, business is not whether you can broadcast news BUT whether we can provide newsworthy pieces that capture the attention of the reader and more widely, a greater audience. The bigger question for the small business owner is this.  Do you have the patience and are up to the challenge of producing newsworthy content to help you improve your brand and of course help you make sales.

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Things To Consider

Here are some very key points to help you on the long journey of producing newsworthy content. Surprisingly, these points are very basic, yet are sometimes ignored.

1. Give Your Audience Something They Want

What do your readers want to read? They want to read interesting, informative content – it’s not all about You, You, You. Check your ego at the door and provide engaging content with value.

2. Keep It Fresh – Say Something New

Until the recent waves of Google penalties, SEO freelancers and unethical agencies were using “article spinning” tools to re-generate other peoples content. Now, we have to write ethical unqiue content for ourselves and our customers. Whilst key industry topics may be the same, we have to get the message over in our own voice, with our own perspective or viewpoint if you will. This is your challenge too! If you are a Microsoft Partner and you are talking about a new Windows OS and MS Office release, give your customers your opinion, your feedback and ensure that your content is helpful and engaging – don’t forget, by the time your content is in the hands of your customers, they may have already read 3 or 4 news pieces on this same topic.

3. Friends or Strangers?

In day-to-day life we are more likely to take the opinion of our friends and colleagues as opposed to someone you meet for the first time on the street. Think about it, your friends and family have had a great holiday in a new resort, they recommend you take the kids, what do you do? You check out the resort, give it some thought and in most cases you book that holiday. You don’t usually do this when a guy on the street offers you this opinion, do you? Recommendations are crucial, if you offer compelling, interesting content, friends and networks will share and talk about.

4. Numbers are just numbers aren't they?

“I’ve got 875 friends on Facebook”. “I’ve got 1,236 followers on Twitter”. These are things that we hear quite frequently and when it comes to getting a commercial message out to the masses – YES numbers matter. Businesses use their social profiles to distribute their content BUT they also use these channels for different purposes. The one thing we have learned over the past few years about Google is that Google goes where the crowd is! Currently the crowd is in social media circles and bigger numbers get greater attention. I don’t mean pay $79 and buy 2,000 fake Facebook likes or Twitter followers, I mean ethical follower acquisition programmes will help you increase your numbers and in turn look like a going concern. Hark back to “Friends and Strangers”. Think network, think shares and recommendations, think acquisition, think growth, think engagement, think the bigger picture.

5. Keep up with the latest trends

Earlier in this article I made reference to Microsoft Partners and putting your personal spin on product and/or industry updates. Nowadays there are thousands upon thousands of business who sell the same services, therefore look to get the message across about the same topics. I made reference to making your content message stand out from the crowd but you can do much more. With RSS feeds, Google Alerts and hundreds and hundreds of industry related journals there is no reason why you cannot stay on top of the latest trends I your particular area of expertise. Think about how you can take a hot piece of news into your area of expertise and provide your own spin you have the chance to drive interest in your content. Remember the numbers! If news is trending, that means numbers, high numbers equal high searches, higher searches mean a higher volume of potential customers interested who may find your message.

One final word

If you have a message to convey, you must believe in that message. Believe in your contentbecause if you don’t treat your message with love and care – tell me, why should your reader?